Mosaic Admissions provides college admissions counseling services a la carte, so you can customize how we support you. We also offer a comprehensive package with unlimited consulting hours that will help you master the main components of the college admissions process: strategy, fit, application and essays, and interview.


Who are you, what have you accomplished, and where do you want to go from here? Are you interested in public health? Theater? Environmental law? Or do you just want to figure it out when you get there? We’ll help you to focus your goals, uncover what makes you special and open your mind to possibilities for your essays.

Developing Your High School Plan. If you’re just beginning high school, we’ll help chart an academic and extracurricular course that will challenge and inspire you, while positioning you for college.


What colleges fit best with your strengths and goals? Where will you excel academically, develop lifelong friendships, and have fun? We’ll help you determine which colleges are right for you.

Preparing for the Campus Visit. What should you look for when you visit a school in person? What kind of information is most valuable, and how do you get it? We’ll help you optimize your campus visits so that you can assess your fit with prospective colleges.

Application & Essays

How can you forge your unique voice? What’s the best topic for your Personal Statement, and how can you craft a compelling narrative that will draw your reader into your world? How can you flesh out your application to convey most effectively what you’ve already accomplished and how you’ll contribute to a college community? In this phase, we dive deep into the written application.

Developing the Application Timetable. How do you manage the details and deadlines? Our application timetable will ensure that you remain focused and stay on top of the complex admissions process.

Planning Your Recommendations. Which teachers know you best? Wo can speak to not only your academic performance and character, but also your potential for future success? We’ll help you identify the best sources for recommendations, which are a valuable component of your application.


How should you talk to admissions officers or alumni? What are they listening for? Can you say the wrong thing? Interviews can be one of the key elements in admissions and an ideal opportunity for you to show who you are. Our mock interview and assessment will teach you how to ace the interview and make a strong personal connection.


Mosaic Admissions offers presentations on a variety of college admissions topics. Our informative seminars are ideal for corporate audiences, community groups, athletic teams, and arts organizations.

College Admissions 101

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