You are unique

Make sure your dream school knows it.

At Mosaic Admissions, we help uncover the qualities that make you special. With over thirty years of experience in admissions for the nation’s most exclusive colleges, Mosaic Admissions knows the pitfalls of the college application process, and how to avoid them. We know how admissions counselors talk. How they think. What they want to know and the language in which to speak to them. We know the questions interviewers ask, and how you can let the real you shine through.

How we can
help you

Mosaic Admissions provides college admissions counseling services a la carte, so you can customize how we support you. We also offer a comprehensive package with unlimited consulting hours that will help you master the main components of the college admissions process: strategy, fit, application and essays, and interview.


Who are you, what have you accomplished, and where do you want to go from here?


What colleges fit best with your strengths and goals?

Application and Essays

How can you forge your unique voice?

Interview Preparation

How should you talk to admissions officers or alumni?

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